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Recruit 12 is a highly experienced recruitment specialist born out of success in the automotive and aerospace, with over 13 years of hiring experience.

We aim to take the stress out of finding the right candidate for your business but taking on a new hire has always been, and will continue to be, a calculated gamble, you recruit someone on who at the time appears to be the perfect fit, happily pay your finder’s fee to the agent only to find after 2 or 3 months that things aren’t working out how you hoped and you need to find someone else!

You’re then faced with little or no return on your investment as the recruiter attempts to find you a replacement for guess what, another fee!

Realising this as the major gripe that employers have with recruitment agencies, Recruit 12’s decided that their USP will be sharing the risk of recruitment by allowing the employer to spread the cost of hire over a 12 month period therefore not only reducing your initial cost of hire but also should your new employee not work out for any reason during the 12 month period, you just stop paying!

Recruit 12 also works closely with organisations within other manufacturing sectors and not only do we focus on the recruitment of engineers, we understand the importance of the sales team within any organisation. We, therefore, source outstanding talent for our clients across a range of Sales and Marketing disciplines, including Internal Sales Executives, Marketing Co-coordinators, Field based and Technical Sales roles.


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We know that in recruitment “On Paper” is as good as useless.

Our Bespoke CRM system goes far deeper than a CV and notes tab. We gather information on candidates past and current relationships to connect them with businesses who offer a vacancy and an environment that fits their skill set and character. From; hiring preferences, past colleagues, and preferred work preferences, Recruit 12 provides your prospective candidate with the most comprehensive qualifying process, allowing us to join the dots and pro-actively make more placements for your organisation!

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