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After we had 10 successful years leading the charge within the engineering industry, the demand for our recruitment solutions (due to our ever popular Recruit 12 concept) across Commercial roles saw unprecedented growth, leading to the launch of our second Recruit 12 businesses, Recruit 12 Commercial.

We help support you in the hiring of a wide range of roles including; Sales, Purchasing & Supply Cain, IT, Finance, HR and due to the experience of our team, have recently seen further growth within Legal Recruitment.


Are you hiring for a commercial role?

Recruit 12 continue to lead the way in risk free recruitment. Our commercial consultants come with over 10 years of experience in providing commercial recruitment solutions. We work with industries leading companies and will ensure that your requirements are partnered with the specialist staff you require.


  1. Provide access to the industry’s leading staff – Recruit 12 continue to take a leading role in the supply of staff to the UK Engineering industries and continues to be the Recruiter best situated to service your requirement.

  2. Risk free recruitment- Recruit 12 prides itself on an innovative approach to Recruitment that mitigates risk. By utilising us to support your Commercial Recruitment, we will manage all aspects of research, interview, background checks and payroll

  3. On time hire – Recruit 12 will hit your deadlines and ensure that your recruitment project is completed on time and within budget.

  4. Stress free recruitment – Recruit 12 will not only mitigate the risk, we will be sure to take the stress away. We will arrange any work permits, accommodation and operating a fully compliant local payroll.

  5. Tailored and specialist services – Recruit 12 are specialists in their field and fully understand the challenges you face and the means to overcome them. We can produce strategic hiring plans, progress reports and access to additional service consultancy’s free of charge!

If you have a commercial role available, or you are interested in starting to offer commercial roles get in touch with us at