Do's and Don'ts of Job Referrals

We've recently launched our Referral Scheme at Recruit12 so we're sharing the do's and don'ts when it comes to making referrals.


Look outside of your friends and family:

Many people only acknowledge friends and family when thinking of making a referral - don't stop there. Try to distinguish the best person for the position, reaching out to your professional network, former colleagues, and even business acquaintances you met during events or seminars.

Instruct your referral:

Give the person you're referring as much information as possible, this will help them find out if this is their perfect role. You can do this by sharing job descriptions/specifications, information about the company and culture.

Keep an eye on our job postings:

We accept referrals on all of our roles - If you think a candidate will be a good fit we will always consider their details. We post all our newest jobs on social media so keep your eyes peeled on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Be hesitant to conduct your own research:

Ask your referral about their skills and expertise, figuring out if they’re a good fit for the role will save everyone’s time when it comes to processing their details. You want your candidate to be in the best chance of receiving an offer, so always send over appropriate candidates. (This will also increase your chances of getting the referral fee!)

Take your time:

Send your candidate as soon as possible to give them the best possible chance of getting that offer. (Although you should never send someones details over without their permission).

Be afraid of submitting a candidate:

Not sure if they’re the perfect fit for the role your considering but still think they have a good chance? We’re always happy to look over a candidates details, even if they’re right for that specific role we’ll keep them on our system for a later date.

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