Refreshing questions to ask during your job interview


Job interviews are a two-way street - The employer is asking you questions to see if you fit the role, but you need to prepare questions to ensure the company will be the right fit for you!

Asking questions shows you've done your homework - showing the interviewer you're interested in the company, not just the job itself. Here are 5 questions that will help you find out more information about your new role:

Where do you think x company will be in 5 years?

This is a question employers will ask you a lot, so it's an interesting question to turn around on them. If you're hoping to be in this role for several years you need to get an overview of how the company is growing, so you can see if this fits in with how you're planning to develop.

What's your favourite thing about working for X company?

This is one of our favourite questions to ask because it is usually unexpected, and gives you an insight into the companies culture and ethos. You could even ask them their favourite and least favourite thing to give you some deeper insight.

What are the biggest difficulties in this role?

This question can help you identify where your skills could play a big part in growing the role. It also shows the hidden challenges you may face and if that's an environment you'll feel comfortable in.

What is X company's attitude towards failure?

Although this may seem like it'll put a downer on your interview, it is a very insightful question as this is something every company will have to face.

Listen out for both positive and negative responses to gauge how the company will fit into your criteria.

What are the next steps in the interview process?

Don't let them get away with "We'll be in touch with our decision." Asking this will help you gain important information about the timeline and process so you can get an understanding of the next phase.

Top Tip: Don't ever ask about salary or benefits just yet - this will make you look money hungry - Wait until the final steps of the interview process to negotiate your salary

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Isabelle Drury