Why you need a recruiter

Hiring a new candidate can be one of the most stressful experiences you go through, figuring out where to find candidates, looking for ways to advertise, overall wasting a lot of resources and money!

Here are a list of reasons why you should use a recruiter…

Our time is free:

Job Sites, Newspapers, Trade Publications and Social Ads are all likely to cost you money with no guarantee of a candidate. Recruit 12 won’t charge you until your role is filled, no upfront costs and no fear of wasting money. Better still, we offer you our unique concept of Sharing The Risk by splitting the costs of recruitment over 12 months, so you know you are getting a quality hire with a partner that shares the risk.

Poor hires will cost you money - hiring the wrong kind of candidate can cost you thousands, Recruit 12 insures they offer you the option of risk free recruitment.

We save you time:

You’re hiring for two reasons:

  1. To grow your company.

  2. To replace an employee.

These are the two busiest times in your business, you are in need of a replacement to maintain efficiency or you have achieved growth! Thus, increasing your workforce. Either way by using a recruiter you are working smart, with a guaranteed return on investment.

We’re better at this than you:

This is our livelihood - Recruit 12 are specialists in recruitment, we can prove this from the fact that we won the Best Automotive & Aerospace Recruitment Firm 2019 by SME News.

we spend all day every day screening CVs, talking to candidates, decoding job specs, scouring our database, and selling your company. We’re the pros at this and we don’t shy away from the difficulties of recruitment, we mitigate any risk with our risk-free recruitment concept.

“But I don’t need a recruiter!”

Bad experience with recruiters:

It happens, and on behalf of all the excellent recruiters in the industry (there are many!) we are truly sorry.

Recruit 12 has been at the forefront of engineering recruitment for for over 13 years and we prides ourselves on our reputation and are backed up by our fantastic testimonials. If you’ve had a bad experience with recruiters we’d love to restore some respect to the industry in your eyes.

I’m not hiring at the moment:

Let’s not be shy, the only people candidates tell when they’re on the job search is their partner and their recruiter - we can react fast as we’re one step ahead. To back this up, we will send you an initial recruitment update within 24 hours of accepting your new vacancy.


Not convinced?